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Girls dance on Bhojpuri song “Chala Bhauji Devghar Nagariya”, video going viral

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Desi Viral Video

So friends, how are you, even today we have brought such a video for you, seeing which your heart will be happy, friends, if you want to see this video, then this video is given below, you must watch it, nowadays new news on social media The video is going viral and many people are getting entertained by watching the video.

Friends, nowadays there is tension in everyone’s life, there is tension, but when we see such videos on mobile or social media, then our stress goes away by watching videos, some videos are comedy, some videos are of animals and some videos are of dance,

Videos of every type go viral on social media and with the help of social media, you are also seen as a celebrity, like a song went viral, Kachcha Badam and the person who sang this song was recognized by many people. With the help of social media, we all can see what is happening in this world.

Dance is everyone’s favorite hobby. The only thing that makes a person happy and does it from the heart is dance. Man is expressing his happiness by dancing and singing. Be it the happiness of marriage or something else. Every person dances at least once in his life whether he dances or not but in happy India that person dances. Most of the youth are more interested in dance.

Sometimes a person dances very well but his dance does not come in public or that person does not get publicity, but now it is not the case. And that person goes somewhere.

This video is also about dance. All of you are requested to watch the video completely and if you like it, then do comment and share, one of your shares can be published to anyone, because the person who dances very hard is dancing in front of you.

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